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Our family tradition is the propane business, and it has spanned over 60 years with 4 generations and more than 20 family members having participated in day to day operations.


From youngsters painting trucks and filling cylinders to teens assisting on tanksets and swamping the del hose on bobtails, propane was the base. With office work and accounting needs neverending, all have shared in the labor. Bobtail trucks being the workhorse of the business, they were the focal point of many family photos as evidence of their importance.


A long line of family members have served the business with pride and dedication, some of whom are now gone but not forgotten, including founders M.H. and Sena Mae Robbins, Otis and Fran Robbins, Carl and Jean Robbins, Bo Robbins and Ryan Otis Robbins. We operate today with 4 members of the 3rd generation and 4 members of the 4th generation.


Being a family business, we value passing down the traditions of honesty, hard work and an appreciation of our customers: our family tradition.

Propane Business: A Family Tradition

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