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Have Gas, Will Travel

Capture1 Delivery

That's right, we make ordering propane real easy for our customers. Once you're established as our customer, you do not have to try to remember what day the propane company delivers to your area, nor will you ever have to repeat your delivery directions to us again. You simply call for a propane delivery and we will know where you are and you will receive your delivery the next work day, or, if you have accidentally run completely out of propane and need a same day delivery, we can help with that too!

Keeping It Simple

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Unmatched, straightforward pricing:

• No hidden fees

• Guaranteed low pricing

• Discounts on 1000 and 500 tank fill ups

• FREE leak testing and safety inspections

• We have over 75,000 gallons of above ground storage to ensure you are take care of during a shortage

That's right, we also offer, at no extra charge, our Automatic Route Service. Simply call our office and get set up on Auto Fill and our guys will take all the work, worry, and stress off of you. Never again will you need to check your tank, phone in the order, or worry about running out of gas. It may be hard to believe, but we have customers on file that have never had to call our family to re-order and have never run out of gas for 10-20-30 even 40 years!

Making it Automatic

We're #1 in customer safety, service & satisfaction