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We believe our employees' and our customers' safety is our concern above everything. That's why we train employees to be the best in the business. They are trained to identify, isolate and correct potential safety hazards as well as existing safety hazards.


All employees are not only trained in the safe procedures of propane delivery but also as propane technicians. This knowledge and experience places capable eyes and hands on your property with each and every delivery and service call.


We are committed to providing ongoing industry skills training and safety education to all our staff in our efforts to better serve you.

Safety is #1, and There Is No #2!

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  • Every new customer receives a FREE home inspection, including a piping pressure test, regulator function test and propane tank safety check, as well as customer education on identifying and responding to any home propane emergencies.

  • We provide customer safety information on the reverse side of every customer invoice.

  • We have qualified staff with over 40 years experience answering your phone calls to assist you with any and all of your safety and business concerns.

  • We performs inspections and piping pressure tests to any customer when appliances are replaced or added or when any piping changes are made.

  • We perform leak tests and re-light appliances on all out-of-gas calls.

  • After-hours emergency calls are immediately returned by qualified staff. Safety response information is also available by automated attendant.

  • After-hours emergency propane deliveries are available with complete leak testing procedures and relighting of appliances.

  • Tank inspections and tank repairs performed by all delivery technicians.

  • Route delivery service available to avoid out-of-gas situations and potential hazards.

  • All bobtails and service equipment vehicles are inspected prior to use, during operations and again after use for any safety or operational needs.

  • All employees attend and participate in monthly safety training meetings.


Steve's Propane is committed to safety. Please call us to receive our FREE new customer safety inspection and become one of our valued customers today.

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