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Does your propane company ask you whether you own or lease your propane tank before anything else? If you have ever been asked this question, you are probably being charged a higher price than customers who own their tanks. Call Steve’s Propane, and you'll start saving money with your first order.


You are encouraged to own your own new, rebuilt, or refurbished tank for residential or commercial use. You won’t get penalized for leasing or owning your own tank with us. Own or lease, you'll pay the same price for your gas either way. Delivery is included and emergency service is available.


Ask other propane companies about their policy on this. We will be standing by to take your order when you hear their answer. After all, you can choose your propane supplier, and our team fully guarantees our sold products and installations. The choice is yours. We are happy to service you either way.

SAVE Cash by Owning Your Propane Tank

The choice is yours. We are happy to service you either way.

  • New, used, or refurbished tanks

  • Multiple tanks

  • Residential tanks

  • Agricultural tanks

  • Underground tanks

  • Business tanks

  • Industrial tanks

Our crew has over 60 years of experience under our belt. You can trust us!




Buy a tank

Lease a tank

  • Lower startup costs

  • Can purchase the same tank later

  • Buy our lease - propane pricing is the same

Underground tanks

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