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Installation Propane tank

If you would like to pay one team for a complete, quality, timely propane tank installation and setup, give us a call at Steve’s Propane. Our team does it all for you. There's no need to call in additional contractors. Every additional sub-contractor who gets called in for your installation is going to cost you more money.


Our crew is qualified to install a tank, perform a safety check, convert a new appliance, and fill your tank. They can also tend to any electrical setup that needs to be taken care. Also, there's no charge for water heater, oven, or dryer conversions.


Bottom line: You save money.

Enjoy Turn-Key Propane Tank Installations

Effectively handling all of your needs

  • Tank delivery

  • Line trenching

  • Tank placement

  • Tank leveling

  • Regulator setup

  • Leak detection and inspection

  • Answering your questions

Select a personal, family owned and operated supplier!


From Propane Delivery to Final Inspection